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Spirit Keepers Journey in Peru
Spirit Keepers in Peru

This video (07:54) about Kenosis Spirit Keepers
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"... When I was in the Pachamama cave I prayed to be a better husband, a better man for my family. And when I came back from Peru I quit drinking and it's been positive for me since then... keeping busy with my art work, tending to my family and things I need to do... We had ceremony with the Q'ero people and I had my medicine pouch blessed by them. They're good-hearted people... This trip was very moving, very spiritual. It brought my son and me closer together..."

David Washington
Shongopovi, Second Mesa, Hopi, Arizona

Spirit Keepers in Peru

Spirit Keepers in Peru

Spirit Keepers in Peru

What an amazing experience to have David and Clarence with us. I felt the strong connection between them and the native peoples we were able to spend time with — The Q'ero and the Mollamarka Indians... There was a strong connection that was just evident.

David is a healer. One of the most pivotal things for me was when a Q'ero man asked David to look at his son as he had lost hearing in one of his ears. We had 2 physicians and 4 nurses in our group, and David was the one who was asked to look at his son. David spent time with the boy and then performed a healing practice. This was a powerful moment to behold for me...

I have never experienced anything quite like this journey... David and Clarence brought a presence to our group that was ancient and timeless. I will never forget these experiences and know that my perspectives have changed dramatically because of the privilege of being with them as they made connections, shared themselves and their abilities with us all.

I am humbled and so very grateful.

Margie Bosscher
Grand Rapids, MI

Spirit Keepers in Peru

Spirit Keepers in Peru

Spirit Keepers in Peru

Having David and Clarence Washington on the trip meant a lot to me. It was the first time in my life that I had such a personal connection to indigenous North Americans. I learned so much about the Hopi culture, their festivals, rites of passages, and different ceremonies. It was incredible to hear their stories, which most non-native Americans will never hear... It was a cultural exchange within a cultural exchange, and an unforgettable glance into a world and world-view that contains a lot of possibility for creating solutions to the challenges we in the Western, industrialized world face.

Beyond the cultural exchange was the development of a good friendship with the Washingtons, especially with Clarence. As the two youngest on the trip we would hang out a lot... He said one night in Salk'awasi that for the first time in his life he felt safe, that in this place, he was completely at home... I know the trip meant a lot to David and Clarence. The memory of their voices filling with emotion and gratitude for being on the trip left a strong impression on me, made me tear up to see the effect this opportunity to travel to another country and meet with indigenous people had for them. More than the friendships, more than the good times, what I really am thankful for in participating in the Peru Eagle and Condor trip is witnessing the impact it had for the father and son. That is the biggest treasure.

Rissa Steifel
San Francisco, CA

Spirit Keepers in Peru

I felt like we were part of bringing the Eagle and Condor (North and South) together. David and Clarence helped me to feel that we were closer to indigenous people in our hemisphere. I learned things about the Hopi people about which I was unaware. I loved David's healing skill and power. He helped me on the trip with altitude sickness and headaches. Finally, let me say that David was a source of wonderful humor and creativity on the trip — none of us will forget his talent with card reading — terrific entertainment!

Mary Wagner
Grand Rapids, MI

Spirit Keepers in Peru

How incredible! Having two of our Hopi friends on this journey was so special. As we met with the Q'ero, I felt like I was witnessing a significant event in the world — North American and South American indigenous people meeting together for the first time. I was honored to be present and in awe. David and Clarence brought richness to this journey that we would have missed without them.

I strongly recommend that more North American indigenous people be brought on this journey to Peru.

Phil Authier
Garretson, SD

Many thanks to Lutz Wesel, Phil Authier, Rissa Steifel and Oscar Panizo for use of their photos.

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